About us

FlowPoint Aps - Is a small Nordic company from Odense Denmark that was created in 2020. After many years of experience with mixed repairs and development of electronics, as well as network setups and data processing and collection, these broad skills and knowledge are now focused in one single company.

Our Values ​​are Innovative, Trust, Impact

With an efficient and motivated team, we offer a professional and service-minded approach to the task, where everything is thought through before execution. We are environmentally conscious and optimize every possible process.


The company's mission is to develop technical solutions that combat identified problems.
We believe that most solutions can be found digitally via software, with artificial intelligence or electronics.
We create tailor-made systems for an exact needs, with thoroughness and Nordic high quality. 


Our vision is to become a well-established name known for reliability, optimization and quality.
We want to let the technology utilize unused resources,
which through our approach is achieved precisely and uncomplicated. 


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