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People Counter
Damage Report
Internet of Things
Data Processing

People Counter

Make your customers and staff aware of how many people are on your premises.


PrivacyCount System <PC>

A single separate offline counter system that covers entres/exits and counts people passing through 24 hours a day.

We have developed a single hardware unit based on an analog neural network, artificial intelligence and computer vision which is an offline addon to existing camera systems and delivers a new ethical approach to counting people and vehicles. It's a significantly cheaper approach since no new sensors are needed. The moral solution removes all risks of violating people's rights and the risk of data misuse or leaks; it's a shortcut to becoming NIS2 or GDPR compliant and a totally new method of applying AI.

This system only requires power and access to your digital (IP) camera network. Included in the system is an information screen with touch and a mobile tablet from which users can be managed and show how many people are inside the building, on the register. For more details download the product description or visit our product page.

The system is modular and comes fully installed and generates only count data without identification or personal content.

PC Requires annual license.


System licens <LIS>

This license covers annual use and debugging of all software on a single module.

Updates and feature improvements are also included.

Additions of new or expansion functions (add-ons) are not included.

We are happy to modify to specific needs

Damage Report

Get an immediate quick report and overview of the damage


Battle Damage Report System (BDRS)

This system is built to handle and improve the responsiveness of personnel on ships and mobile platforms in crisis situations. With this system, the driver and staff at all levels can get a rough overview of damage to the platform in minute 0. This solution is unique and does not already exist on the market. By utilizing existing signals, information is combined into one and presented in a graphically comprehensible manner.

Requires application training, number of hours is assessed based on the number of users.

Beta version is developed

Our systems are based on finding the optimal solution

Internet of Things (IoT)

Create statistics, receive alarms, optimize processor, etc. all online from your offline systems.


Data Collector Central System <DCC>

Bridging the gap between the real and online worlds. Connects clear measurement points to a continuously monitored central.

A system that collects data from stand-alone or complex systems and centralizes them in a monitoring program. From here, statistics and other analysis tools can be used.

Beta version under development


Data Collector Alarm System <DCA>

A system connected to DCC can respond with user-defined actions upon specified alarm. Get a direct message when something doesn't work or when a desired or unwanted goal has been reached. Receive alert on threshold reached, then perform an action.

For example, when a production system reaches a certain value, a cooling system must start automatically and run until another value is reached, such as the working temperature.

Beta version under development

Add future opportunities and identify savings, optimizations, etc.

Data Processing

Create improvements to analysis and statistics on collected data sets.


Data Analysis Processing <DAP>

By scrutinizing collected data, several conclusions can be drawn, this system helps to make static and analyzes of them.

Beta version under development

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